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Re: how to search gnus help

From: Pietro
Subject: Re: how to search gnus help
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2016 22:08:23 +0000
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> myglc2 wrote:
>> So, with gmane search apparently down, is
>> there an alternate way to search the gnus
>> mailing lists?
Wow, I haven't noticed that, sorry for the noise but how long has it
been down for ?

Does that mean that we can send email but we can't them in the GMANE
newsgroups ?

> Again, if you check out the headers of your
> post, you find:
>     List-Archive: <>
> I write "Again", because I've sent this
> information twice and I haven't seen my posts -
> neither have you, I suppose. But my other posts
> thru gmane works tho.
> Anyway for this reason I also courtesy copy it
> to the OP by mail.

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