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Re: nnir-notmuch-engine setup with gnus/offlineimap/dovecot

From: Rainer M Krug
Subject: Re: nnir-notmuch-engine setup with gnus/offlineimap/dovecot
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 09:04:24 +0200
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myglc2 <> writes:

> Dave Abrahams <> writes:
>> Yes.  Other things that work really well in a setup like that are:
>> 1. Using dovecot's mdbox storage format, which is much more efficient
>> 2. Building dovecot with clucene and stemmer support for search
>> 3. Using mbsync from the isync project (scales much better than
>>    offlineimap IMO,
> I saw this too. mbsync (AKA isync) was ~30 times faster in my tests. It

Very interesting - I might look into isync than.

> was also important to build from the git repo because, at least a month
> or two ago, the tar.gz at version 1.2.1 was missing a feature that turns
> out to be important in my gmail sync setup.

Which feature was this, if I may ask? I would also use isync for
syncing a gmail account. Could you share your config so that I can have
an idea what I am looking at in a change ti isync?

How do these two compare in regards to stability (offlineimap has
e.g. an issue wit suspend on the Mac)?

> Built from the git repo it shows this version info:
> g1@g1 ~$ mbsync --version
> isync 1.3.0

Yup - that is the one I also have now from git.

>> though I am about to try dropping it because doveadm sync is already
>> part of dovecot)
> A couple months ago I put a fair amount of effort into trying to use
> dovecot sync. I ended up concluding that mbsync is faster and easier to
> config.



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