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Re: nnir-notmuch-engine setup with gnus/offlineimap/dovecot

From: Dave Abrahams
Subject: Re: nnir-notmuch-engine setup with gnus/offlineimap/dovecot
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 05:02:08 -0700
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on Thu Sep 29 2016, myglc2 <> wrote:

> Dave Abrahams <> writes:
>> Yes.  Other things that work really well in a setup like that are:
>> 1. Using dovecot's mdbox storage format, which is much more efficient
>> 2. Building dovecot with clucene and stemmer support for search
>> 3. Using mbsync from the isync project (scales much better than
>>    offlineimap IMO,
> I saw this too. mbsync (AKA isync) was ~30 times faster in my tests. It
> was also important to build from the git repo because, at least a month
> or two ago, the tar.gz at version 1.2.1 was missing a feature that turns
> out to be important in my gmail sync setup.
> Built from the git repo it shows this version info:
> g1@g1 ~$ mbsync --version
> isync 1.3.0
>> though I am about to try dropping it because doveadm sync is already
>> part of dovecot)
> A couple months ago I put a fair amount of effort into trying to use
> dovecot sync. I ended up concluding that mbsync is faster and easier to
> config.


I always knew it was pretty great, but this is quite surprising given
that doveadm sync has access to dovecot's internals and can store state
across sync runs.  Do you have any further details?


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