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Re: nnir-notmuch-engine setup with gnus/offlineimap/dovecot

From: Dave Abrahams
Subject: Re: nnir-notmuch-engine setup with gnus/offlineimap/dovecot
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 04:44:39 -0700
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on Thu Sep 29 2016, Rainer M Krug <> wrote:

> Dave Abrahams <> writes:
>> on Fri Sep 23 2016, Rainer M Krug <> wrote:
>>> Dmitry Alexandrov <> writes:
>>>>> Most discussions on this topic point to
>>>>> The name implies that this may be exactly what I want, but the
>>>>> link appears to be dead now.  I get an empty page when I try to
>>>>> view it.
>>> I am using exactly the same setup, except that I am using
>>> ,----
>>> | (nnimap-shell-program "/usr/local/opt/dovecot/libexec/dovecot/imap -o 
>>> mail_location=maildir:$HOME/Maildir")))
>>> `----
>>> to access my local mail and I don't have a dovecot daemon running
>>> permanently.
>> Yes.  Other things that work really well in a setup like that are:
>> 1. Using dovecot's mdbox storage format, which is much more efficient
> There is, among others, one reason why I don't use mbox format:
> backup. If I add an email to a folder, the whole mbox file will be
> backed up - in the case of maildir, only the new mail file. This saves
> backup space, especially as I am using a Mac and Time Machine which is
> doing hourly backups.

Not mbox; mdbox.  I've used this setup on a mac with network TM for a
long time.

>> 2. Building dovecot with clucene and stemmer support for search
> Does this really work with nnimap-shell-program? I thought one has to
> use the dovecot daemon for this?

Yes, it works.  Feel free to scrape for details
and ask me questions for more.  There's a script in there that I use to
install (most of) this setup with homebrew.

>> 3. Using mbsync from the isync project (scales much better than
>>    offlineimap IMO, though I am about to try dropping it because doveadm
>>    sync is already part of dovecot)
> offlineimap works for me - and never change a running system (well -
> that's the theory).

I don't suppose you're syncing any really large folders then?  Among
other things I found doing it all through Python was causing way
much CPU usage on my Macbook pro.

> Interesting - didn't know about doveadm sync - any experiences with
> it?

Not yet.

> How does it compare to isync and offlineimap?

I'm not really in a position to comment yet; I've just skimmed the
output of doveadm help sync.

>>>> The Internet Archive Wayback Machine comes to your aid :-)
>>>> (I have no idea whether this page is in fact helpful though.)
>>> This link is helpful, but it did not actually help with getting the
>>> search to work. There was another discy=ussion abl=out using lucene in
>>> dovecot for the search, but as you, I would prefer notmuch search.
>>> I have simply defined a shortcut for me to do the search - much
>>> easier. You could even rebiung GG ?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Rainer
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