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Re: Imap problems after yrs of use with my config.

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: Imap problems after yrs of use with my config.
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 09:35:18 -0400
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> Harry Putnam <> writes:


>> They've told me to use the `App passwd' now.  Of course I replied
>> letting them know it was not working and waiting now to hear back.
>> So any suggestions as to what I can do to learn more about why it is
>> rejected?
> I doubt this is much to do with Gnus in particular. A quick scan of the
> Fastmail documentation simply says that your "real" account password
> will only work with Fastmail's own app/web client, so you should
> definitely be using the "app password" you created for Gnus. Just to
> make everything clean, I'd also delete the authinfo line, and give the
> credentials manually when Gnus prompts you.

Interestingly, given the fact that fastmail has been very explicit
about using my new App passwd and, I've found a
workaround for the time been that may quit working down the road.

I've discovered, by accident, and using the shotgun approach of trying
everything I can think of, that by connecting to a supposedly no-
longer working server NOT that my new account
password works just fine.  Not the App passwd.

So for now, all is well.

> They also say not to use starttls, but it looks like nnimap will try ssl
> first, anyway, so that shouldn't make any difference. If you're
> a belt-and-suspenders kind of guy, you could try setting nnimap-stream
> to `ssl' in your secondary methods setting.

When and if my `by chance' solution quits working, I'll try that with

You're right about it not having anything to do with gnus
But great thanks for doing your best even though that is true.

The one thing gnus did have to do with this is that when I used the
supposed wrong server IP, gnus prompted me for user and passwd, and
then asked if it should write that info to ~/.authinfo, I replied `yes'
and gnus obligingly wrote the pertinent info to ~/.authinfo.

Well done gnus!

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