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Re: on automatic gnus-summary-insert-new-articles after posting

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: on automatic gnus-summary-insert-new-articles after posting
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018 13:59:57 -0700
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Winston <> writes:

> Robert Girault <r@dev.null> writes:
>> How can I 
>>   gnus-summary-insert-new-articles
>> automatically after posting?  I'd like to see my articles right away in
>> the thread without having to ``/ N'' every time I post.

Oh I see, I had indeed misunderstood your question.

> I don't have an answer for the question you asked, but I'll point out
> that, in theory, articles don't necessarily appear for reading instantly
> after you post them.  Articles to a moderated group, for example, will
> go to the moderator for approval.  Articles to unmoderated groups may be
> subject to input filtering, throttling, indexing for overviews, etc.,
> such that the faster you re-check for new articles, the less likely you
> are to find your new one.  You could work around the latter issue a bit
> if you can do "sleep N sec, check".

Right: it's unknown when the message will actually appear. I can't think
of any better trick than a timer (or patience), but it might work better
to do "M-g" (rescan) rather than show old articles.


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