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Re: nnir notmuch search on specific groups?

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: nnir notmuch search on specific groups?
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 19:50:47 +0200
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Eric writes:

> I vaguely remember that I couldn't even make it work properly on the
> command line, couldn't figure out why "folder" and "path" returned the
> results they did.

path:{folder} works for me, using notmuch on the command line.

My email is in nnml format in various folders in ~/Mail/{folder}, and my
.notmuch-config has:


Searching for "Adam" gives me a lot of results:

  asjo@tullinup:~$ time notmuch search Adam | wc -l

  real    0m6.574s
  user    0m5.016s
  sys     0m1.577s

If I limit the search using path:, I get less, so it looks like it

  asjo@tullinup:~$ time notmuch search "Adam path:cron" | wc -l

  real    0m0.148s
  user    0m0.128s
  sys     0m0.024s

My notmuch index has ~119K entries:

  $ time notmuch count

> But `nnir-run-notmuch' filters its results same as all the other search
> routines, so I'm not sure why we can't do the filtering on group name,
> after the fact. It has this:
>  ;; maybe limit results to matching groups.
>  (when (or (not groupspec)
>            (string-match groupspec dirnam))
>    (nnir-add-result dirnam artno "" prefix server artlist)))))
> That should be usable for filtering, right?

Yeah! I guess it could matter when the results are excluded,
performance-wise, but in practise, I would guess it would be "fast
enough"™ to do it post hoc.

> I have the feeling that I've gone over all this before, then forgotten
> what the conclusion was...

I know that feeling all too well... :-)

  Best regards,


 "Since it is completely undocumented, your faith that        Adam Sjøgren
  it will stick around until they invent v4 is 
  charmingly quaint."

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