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Re: newbie question: trouble with mail splitting

From: physiculus
Subject: Re: newbie question: trouble with mail splitting
Date: Thu, 30 May 2019 19:04:52 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/26.2 (gnu/linux)

as you suggest, i post my entire gnus.el.
For security reasons i delete my account informations.

Hope it helps :-)


(require 'nnir)

(add-to-list 'load-path "/home/held/.emacs.d/lisp/nnnotmuch/")
(require 'nnnotmuch)
(push '(nnnotmuch "") gnus-secondary-select-methods)
(setq nnnotmuch-groups '((""
                          ("test.woche" "date:7days.."))))
(setq nnnotmuch-program "notmuch") ; This is the default.

(setq nnir-method-default-engines '((nnimap . notmuch) (nnmaildir . notmuch)))
(setq nnir-notmuch-remove-prefix "/home/held/Maildirnm/")

;; gnus gesprächiger
(setq gnus-verbose 9)
(setq gnus-verbose-backends 8)

;;(setq gnus-default-charset 'iso-8859-1)
;;(setq gnus-summary-show-article-charset-alist '((1 . iso-8859-1) (2 . utf-8)))
(setq gnus-summary-tool-bar 'gnus-summary-tool-bar-gnome)

(setq mail-user-agent 'gnus-user-agent)
(setq smtpmail-queue-mail nil)
(setq gnus-agent-prompt-send-queue t)
(setq gnus-agent-queue-mail t)
;;(setq smtpmail-queue-dir "~/News/drafts/queue/cur")
(setq smtpmail-queue-dir "~/Maildirnm/queue")

;; (defun choose-msmtp-account ()
;;   (if (message-mail-p)
;;       (save-excursion
;;         (let*
;;             ((from (save-restriction
;;                      (message-narrow-to-headers)
;;                      (message-fetch-field "from")))
;;              (account
;;               (cond
;;                ((string-match "" from) "gmail")
;;                ((string-match "" from) "xeimer_j")
;;                ((string-match "" from) "jx")
;;                ((string-match "" from) "kx"))))
;;           ;;(setq sendmail-program "/usr/bin/msmtp")
;;           ;;(setq message-sendmail-extra-arguments (list '"-a" account "-N 
failure,delay,success" "-R headers"))
;;           (setq message-sendmail-extra-arguments (list 'account))
;;           ))))
;; ;; testweise auf nil
;; ;;(setq message-sendmail-envelope-from 'header)
;; (add-hook 'message-send-mail-hook 'choose-msmtp-account)

;; Aufhübschen. Zeigt Gesamtzahl und ungelesene Mails
(setq gnus-group-line-format "%M%S%p%P%5y/%5t:%B%(%g%)\n")
;;(setq gnus-summary-line-format "%U%R%B|%-16,16&user-date;|%5k|%-30,30f| 
;;(setq gnus-summary-line-format ":%U%R %B %20s %-60=|%4L |%-20,20f 
|%&user-date; \n")
(setq gnus-user-date-format-alist '((t . "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"))
     gnus-summary-line-format "%U%R%z%O|%&user-date;|%5k|%-45,45F%B 
%~(max-right 70)~(pad-right 70)s %{%20uM%}\n"
     gnus-article-mode-line-format "Gnus: %g %S %m %w"
     gnus-thread-sort-functions '(gnus-thread-sort-by-date)
     gnus-article-sort-functions '(gnus-thread-sort-by-date)
     ;;gnus-sum-thread-tree-false-root ""
     gnus-sum-thread-tree-leaf-with-other "├► "
     ;;gnus-sum-thread-tree-root ""
     gnus-sum-thread-tree-single-leaf "╰► "
     gnus-sum-thread-tree-vertical ""
     gnus-summary-make-false-root 'none
     ;;gnus-summary-same-subject "-||-"
     gnus-summary-same-subject ""

;;Generate the mail headers before you edit your message.
(setq message-generate-headers-first nil)

;;The message buffer will be killed after sending a message.
(setq message-kill-buffer-on-exit t)

;; eigene Tags setzen
(setq gnus-registry-marks
      ' (
         (Wichtig :char 119 :image "summary_wichtig")
         (To-Do  :char 116 :image "summary_todo")
         (Persoenlich :char 112 :image "summary_persoenlich")
         (DIY :char 100 :image  "summary_diy")
         (Spaeter :char 115 :image  "summary_spaeter")
         (Linzessin :char 105 :image "summary_linzessin")
         (Held :char 104 :image "summary_held")
         (Heldenaufgaben :char 97 :image "summary_heldenaufgaben" )
         (Heldennahrung :char 110 :image "summary_heldennahrung")
         (Pflanzen :char 122 :image "summary_pflanzen")
         (Pflanzenpflege :char 101 :image "summary_pflanzenpflege")
         (Pflanzenarbeiten :char 114 :image "summary_pflanzarbeiten")
         (Pflanzenkauf :char 107 :image "summary_pflanzenkauf")
         (Pflanzennachkauf :char 99 :image "summary_pflanzennachkauf")
         (Garten :char 103 :image "summary_garten")
         (Gartenpflege :char 102 :image "summary_gartenpflege")
         (GaLa :char 108 :image "summary_gala")
         (Haus :char 117 :image "summary_haus")
         (Innenausbau :char 101 :image "summary_innenausbau")
;; show the marks by name (see 'gnus-registry-marks'):
(defalias 'gnus-user-format-function-M 'gnus-registry-article-marks-to-names)

(setq gnus-registry-max-entries 5000)

;; The registry knows how to map each Message-ID to the group it's
;; in. This can be leveraged to enhance the “article refer method”,
;; the thing that tells Gnus how to look up an article given its
;; Message-ID (see Finding the Parent).

;; The nnregistry refer method does exactly that. It has the
;; advantage that an article may be found regardless of the group
;; it's in—provided its Message-ID is known to the registry. It can
;; be enabled by augmenting the start-up file with something along
;; these lines:
(setq gnus-refer-article-method
;; The example above instructs Gnus to first look up the article in the current
;; group, or, alternatively, using the registry.

(setq spam-log-to-registry t)     ; for spam autodetection
(setq spam-use-regex-headers t)   ; catch X-Spam-Flag (SpamAssassin)

;; split
;; client-side imap splitting ermöglichen
(gnus-group-split-setup t)
(setq nnimap-split-download-body t)
(setq nnmail-crosspost nil)
(setq nnmail-split-methods 'nnmail-split-fancy)
(setq nnmail-split-fancy
        ;;(: spam-split 'spam-use-regex-headers)
        (To "" "nnmaildir+Lokal:OrgDigest")
        (From ".*" "nnmaildir+Lokal:notmuch")
        (From ".*" "nnmaildir+Lokal:Pinterest")
        (Subject "^FRITZ!.*" "nnmaildir+Lokal:fritz")
        (From "" "nnmaildir+Lokal:Papyrus")
        ;;(: spam-split)

;; (setq nnmail-split-fancy
;;       '(|
;;         (: spam-split)
;;         "inbox"))

;; initialisiere split
(setq gnus-group-split-setup t)
(setq nnmail-pre-get-new-mail-hook '(gnus-group-split-update))

;; @see
(setq gnus-select-method '(nnnil "")) ;; if you read news groups
;;(setq gnus-select-method '(nntp ""))

(setq gnus-secondary-select-methods '(
(nnimap "GMail"
                                              (nnimap-address "")
                                              (nnimap-server-port "imaps")
                                              (nnimap-user "")
                                              (nnimap-stream ssl)
                                              (get-new-mail t)
                                              (nnir-search-engine imap)
(nnimap "Jx"
                                              (nnimap-server-port "imap")
                                              (nnimap-user "xx-xx")
                                              (nnimap-stream starttls)
                                              (get-new-mail nil)
(nnimap "Jx_"
                                              (nnimap-server-port "imap")
                                              (nnimap-user "xx-xx")
                                              (nnimap-stream starttls)
                                              (get-new-mail nil)
(nnimap "Jx"
                                              (nnimap-server-port "imap")
                                              (nnimap-user "xx-xx")
                                              (nnimap-stream starttls)
                                              (get-new-mail t)
                                              (nnir-search-engine imap)
(nnimap "Jx_"
                                              (nnimap-server-port "imap")
                                              (nnimap-user "xx-xx")
                                              (nnimap-stream starttls)
                                              (get-new-mail t)
                                              (nnir-search-engine imap)
(nnimap "Kx"
                                              (nnimap-server-port "imap")
                                              (nnimap-user "xx-xx")
                                              (nnimap-stream starttls)
                                              (get-new-mail t)
                                              (nnir-search-engine imap)

(nnmaildir "GMail_hier" (directory "~/Maildirnm/gmail") (directory-files
                                     (get-new-mail nil))
(nnmaildir "Jx_hier"
                                     (directory "~/Maildirnm/jx")
                                     (get-new-mail nil))

(nnmaildir "Jxx_hier"
                                     (directory "~/Maildirnm/jx_")
                                     (get-new-mail nil))
(nnmaildir "Kx_hier"
                                     (directory "~/Maildirnm/kx")
                                     (get-new-mail nil))
(nnmaildir "Lokal"
(directory "~/Maildirnm")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/archive")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/attachments")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/BugsandFeatures")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/bwp")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Campact")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/draft")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/drafts")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Ebay")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Ebay_noch_suchen")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Emacs")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/emms")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Enteignung")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Feedburner")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/fritz")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Garten")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Held_Wichtig")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/inbox")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Informatik")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Instructables")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Lehrerausbildung")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Linzessin")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/logins")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/mnp-notes")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/mu")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/notmuch")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/OrgDigest")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Orgmode")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Papyrus")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Physik")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Politik")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Privat")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/ProT")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/queue")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/rclone")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Sammelpost")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/sent")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/SMS")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Spam")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Später")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/SteuerNews")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Strom")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/trash")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Wanderlust")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Wichtig")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/ZuErledigen")
(directory "~/Maildirnm/Privat")

(directory-files nnheader-directory-files-safe)
(get-new-mail t))

;; ask encryption password once
;;(setq epa-file-cache-passphrase-for-symmetric-encryption t)

(setq gnus-thread-sort-functions

;; Make Gnus NOT ignore [Gmail] mailboxes
(setq gnus-ignored-newsgroups "^to\\.\\|^[0-9. ]+\\( \\|$\\)\\|^[\"]\"[#'()]")

;; NO 'passive
;;(setq gnus-use-cache t)

;; BBDB: Address list
;;(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/bbdb/")
(require 'bbdb)
(bbdb-initialize 'message 'gnus)
(add-hook 'gnus-startup-hook 'bbdb-insinuate-gnus)
(add-hook 'gnus-startup-hook 'bbdb-insinuate-message)
(setq bbdb/mail-auto-create-p t
      bbdb/news-auto-create-p t)

;; auto-complete emacs address using bbdb UI
(add-hook 'message-mode-hook '(lambda ()
             (flyspell-mode t)
             (local-set-key (kbd "TAB") 'bbdb-complete-mail)))

;; Fetch only part of the article if we can with 'some.
;; I saw this in someone's .gnus
(setq gnus-read-active-file 'some)

;; open attachment
(eval-after-load 'mailcap '(progn
      ;; on OSX, maybe change mailcap-mime-data?
      ((eq system-type 'darwin))
      ;; on Windows, maybe change mailcap-mime-data?
      ((eq system-type 'windows-nt))
       ;; Linux, read ~/.mailcap

(setq gnus-summary-thread-gathering-function 'gnus-gather-threads-by-references)

(setq gnus-thread-hide-subtree nil)
(setq gnus-thread-ignore-subject t)

(setq mm-text-html-renderer 'gnus-w3m) ; OPTIONAL

;; ace-link nutzen um links anzuspringen
(define-key gnus-summary-mode-map (kbd "M-L") 'ace-link-gnus)
(define-key gnus-article-mode-map (kbd "M-L") 'ace-link-gnus)

;; using smileys
(setq gnus-treat-display-smileys t)
(setq smiley-style 'medium)

(setq gnus-use-correct-string-widths nil)

;; posting styles
(setq gnus-parameters '(("Jx"
          (address "")
          (name "jx")
          ("X-Message-SMTP-Method" "smtp 25 xx-xx")
          (body "")
          (address "")
          (name "jx_")
          ("X-Message-SMTP-Method" "smtp 25 xx-xx")
          (body "")
          (address "")
          (name "kx")
          ("X-Message-SMTP-Method" "smtp 25 xx-xx")
          (body "")
          (address "")
          (name "ph")
          ("X-Message-SMTP-Method" "smtp 587")
          (body "")

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