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Re: splitting Gmail account just copy not move :-(

From: physiculus
Subject: Re: splitting Gmail account just copy not move :-(
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 17:09:48 +0200
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> That just means that Gnus has requested the labels header, not
> necessarily that the message has one.
> Here's the most certain way I can think of to see if this is working:
> 1. Using Gmail's web interface, pick a message and add a label to it.
> 2. Go back to Gnus, refresh new news, and open the group so that there's
>    only that one message in the Summary buffer (with M-1 RET or
>    something).
> 3. Do M-: (mail-header-extra (car gnus-newsgroup-headers))
> 4. Check if there's a X-GM-LABELS entry in the resulting assoc list.
> And let us know what it looks like!

first thank you for the support here!

Second unfortunately the situation is confusing.
Your code only shows the standard Google tags (INBOX, IMPORTANT,
STARRED, but not my own created ones (emms, gnus, Teich ...)
The Web-Interface show them in the right place and i can change them
And if i use Chrome to login on my PC the changes are transferred to
google, because i see the changes on my smartphone inside gmail.
Very strange...
Also strange: Your assoc list shows different standard labels than
I labeled a message with "Teich". Gmail shows it and put it in folder
gnus shows "((X-GM-LABELS . "(\\Important)"))
Message buffer show ((X-GM-LABELS . "(\\Important)")) Specified image bit depth 
is not supported by XRender
Specified image bit depth is not supported by XRender"

What does it mean?


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