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Re: splitting Gmail account just copy not move :-(

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: splitting Gmail account just copy not move :-(
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 10:24:10 -0700
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physiculus <> writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> That just means that Gnus has requested the labels header, not
>> necessarily that the message has one.
>> Here's the most certain way I can think of to see if this is working:
>> 1. Using Gmail's web interface, pick a message and add a label to it.
>> 2. Go back to Gnus, refresh new news, and open the group so that there's
>>    only that one message in the Summary buffer (with M-1 RET or
>>    something).
>> 3. Do M-: (mail-header-extra (car gnus-newsgroup-headers))
>> 4. Check if there's a X-GM-LABELS entry in the resulting assoc list.
>> And let us know what it looks like!
> Hello,
> first thank you for the support here!
> Second unfortunately the situation is confusing.
> Your code only shows the standard Google tags (INBOX, IMPORTANT,
> STARRED, but not my own created ones (emms, gnus, Teich ...)
> The Web-Interface show them in the right place and i can change them
> there.
> And if i use Chrome to login on my PC the changes are transferred to
> google, because i see the changes on my smartphone inside gmail.
> Very strange...

Well that much isn't strange, gmail can control the display of labels in
their own software.

> Also strange: Your assoc list shows different standard labels than
> gmail.
> Example:
> I labeled a message with "Teich". Gmail shows it and put it in folder
> Gmail/Teich.
> gnus shows "((X-GM-LABELS . "(\\Important)"))

Is that the only label it shows? What else is in the assoc list?

And if you open the message and hit "t" (to toggle displaying all
headers), what does the X-GM-LABELS header look like in the article

> Message buffer show ((X-GM-LABELS . "(\\Important)")) Specified image
> bit depth is not supported by XRender
> Specified image bit depth is not supported by XRender"
> What does it mean?

I have no idea :) Could there be an image in the message headers? Like a
gravatar or something? I really have no clue there.

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