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Re: smtpmail vs msmtp

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: smtpmail vs msmtp
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2019 12:33:01 -0700
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Lars-Johan Liman <> writes:

> Lars-Johan Liman <> writes:
>>> Being an old Sendmail MTA geek, I use a different approach entirely.
>>> I have a local MTA (now Postfix, as Sendmail is more or less abandonware
>>> these days) on my machine, and use a "header_dependent_relay" database
>>> to make Postfix select the right account based on the From: line. GNUS
>>> just drops the mail on /usr/bin/sedmail (which is Postfix - aargh! ;-) )
>>> and lets it deal with the problem. Postfix then acts as an SMTP client
>>> vis-a-vis my various (three) different accounts.
>>> "If all you have is a hammer ...", and my hammer is my MTA. :-)
>>> Note: I'm not saying this is better in any way, I'm merely adding to the
>>> list of available options, should anyone else be as crazy as I am. ;-)
>> Oof! I run my own mail servers, also using postfix, but it just seems
>> like it would be overkill to have yet another postfix instance running
>> on my local machine.
> (It _is_ overkill! :-) :-) )
>> I send from two accounts, which are on different machines, so I can't
>> even do this trick on a remote server. Don't you run into trouble
>> sending mail from a local machine?
> No, not really. Note that this is not anywhere near a vanilla Postfix
> configuration. I've set it up to only send mail to my two servers, and
> do it over port 587, using STARTTLS and SMTPAUTH, so "the network" (and
> "its despicable filters" ;-) ) cannot really distinguish that traffic
> from that of a mail user agent. Again, I don't _recommend_ it, but it
> actually works surprisingly well. :-) I'm sure that mr Murphy is reading
> this, and will make it stop working within 10 min, though ... ;-)

I see... Well that's impressive, and something I certainly won't be trying
any time soon!

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