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Re: [Q] what is mean posting-from-work-p in gnus-posting-style

From: Alberto Luaces
Subject: Re: [Q] what is mean posting-from-work-p in gnus-posting-style
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2019 13:58:14 +0100
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(황병희) writes:

> Hellow, i am seeing Gnus manual [1]. At there is odd statement.
> #+BEGIN_SRC emacs lisp
> (setq gnus-posting-styles
>       '((".*"
>         (signature-file "~/.signature"))
>        ((posting-from-work-p) ;; A user defined function
>         (signature-file "~/.work-signature"))))
> What does (posting-from-work-p) means?
> Actually i did fail to read and understand...

It is a fictitious (example) function that could be able to know if you
are at your work desk or at any other place, in order to select the
appropriate posting style.

Actually, it is an example of the degree of customization that you can
reach with posting styles, since they can also evaluate custom elisp
functions that can output different things even after configuration


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