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Re: Emacs resident looking for advice when Gnus blocks while fetching ne

From: Fraga, Eric
Subject: Re: Emacs resident looking for advice when Gnus blocks while fetching news
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2019 15:42:51 +0000

On Wednesday,  4 Dec 2019 at 15:46, Garjola Dindi wrote:
> One thing that bothers me is the fact that Gnus blocks my emacs when
> fetching news, e-mails and RSS feeds (altough I use feed2imap for most
> of my feeds).
> I understand that some emacs users use 2 different emacs instances, one

A few years ago now, I used to use 2 Emacs instances for just this
reason.  At that time, my main email server was on the other side of the
planet and (due to geography, time zones, phases of the moon, ... I
really do not know why) retrieving emails could take on the order of

More recently, things are more normal and I have gone back to using just
one Emacs instance to avoid the problems you mention (primarily
conflicts in visiting the same files in two instances).  Nevertheless,
some email (& rss etc.) servers do take significant amount of time to

My solution now is to use group levels more smartly.  By default, "g" in
the Group buffer only retrieves emails from my main server and that is
quick.  If/when I know I have time, I retrieve from all servers by C-u 5
g (say) or by M-g on individual lines in the Group buffer.

You would need to play with gnus-activate-level in particular, I think.


Eric S Fraga via Emacs 27.0.50 & org 9.3 on Debian bullseye/sid

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