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Re: Reverse thread sorting by most recent number

From: Christoph Groth
Subject: Re: Reverse thread sorting by most recent number
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2019 14:41:38 +0100
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Christoph Groth wrote:

> I have set gnus-thread-sort-functions to
> '(gnus-thread-sort-by-most-recent-number) and this works as it should.
> Now I would like to reverse the sorting order so that the order of
> threads is consistent with the chronological order of messages within
> a thread.

I managed to solve the problem myself and reply here for reference.  It
turns out that the threads that were sorted incorrectly were those with
missing messages.


(setq gnus-thread-sort-functions
        (not gnus-thread-sort-by-most-recent-number)))

to work, i.e. for chronological sorting of threads according to the most
recent article, I also need to enable sparse threads:

(setq gnus-build-sparse-threads 'more)

Otherwise, the determination of the most recent number seems to be
hindered by missing articles.  However, if
gnus-thread-sort-by-most-recent-number is not reversed, it seems to work
also without sparse threads.

After 20 years of using Gnus I'm still amazed how cool it is and how

I guess that this problem would deserve being "fixed" in some way
(i.e. by clarifying documentation).  Should I write to the emacs-devel
mailing list?  Or is this issue not important enough?


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