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Re: how do i use nnir with notmuch?

From: physiculus
Subject: Re: how do i use nnir with notmuch?
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2020 17:39:27 +0100
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"Fraga, Eric" <> writes:
thank you for this answer.
it works!
but if i want to search for messages with a from: query, the results
contains messages in which the from: address appears inside the to:
e.g.: from:
then the query contains messages with to:

this phenomene appears also inside a query, which i start inside notmuch-mode.
perhaps there is a configuration option to show ONLY from: inside a
query with from:

any ideas?

> On Thursday, 23 Jan 2020 at 19:43, physiculus wrote:
>> i try to use notmuch with gnus for my nnmaildir. therefore i put notmuch
>> inside default search engine.
>> but unfortunately a query always result with empty results.
>> does anybody knows if this engine works?
> Yes, notmuch works, at least for nnml in my case.  You have to create
> and update the search database using "notmuch new" periodically outside
> gnus.  I use crontab for this.
> Within gnus, you have to do something along these lines:
> #+begin_src emacs-lisp
>   (require 'nnir)
>   (push '(nnml . notmuch) nnir-method-default-engines)
>   ;; the following turns off new behaviour that limited search to specific 
> groups
>   (setq nnir-notmuch-filter-group-names-function nil)
> #+end_src 
> Finally, you may have to define appropriate settings (e.g. the database)
> in your ~/.notmuch-config configuration file.
> HTH,
> eric

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