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Re: nnir with notmuch gives error; sort: Wrong type argument: number-or-

From: physiculus
Subject: Re: nnir with notmuch gives error; sort: Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p, nil
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2020 08:54:41 +0100
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

i cut the output for readability. 

How do i edebug the function?
I don't know this...


> physiculus <> writes:
>> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> Hello,
>> here is the output from the debugger.
>> I dont know, what it mean, but i think you do :-)
> Not quite :) There seem to be nil values in the list of found articles
> returned by the notmuch search backend.
> Are you able to trigger the error with a search that returns fewer
> results? In your previous message, the output of the notmuch CLI command
> only contains seven results, but the elisp backtrace shows it trying to
> fetch headers for more than 50 articles. Are those the exact same
> searches?
> Can you edebug the function `nnir-retrieve-headers', start the search
> again, and when the edebugger starts hit "e", then "(setq abg
> nnir-artlist)", then in a followup to this message paste the value of
> the `abg' variable?
> Eric

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