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Re: nnir with notmuch gives error; sort: Wrong type argument: number-or-

From: physiculus
Subject: Re: nnir with notmuch gives error; sort: Wrong type argument: number-or-marker-p, nil
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2020 19:02:25 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/26.3 (gnu/linux)

xuqi <> writes:

> As the Gnus manual described, if you have one Maildir server, you only
> need to specific its directory once. All its subdirectories would be
> treated as groups in Gnus.
Hmmh, i dont know that. will check if it works.

> More importantly, I don't find 'karlderletzte' as a directory in your
> config. The way you set the maildir up may have something to do with the
> filenames in the karlderletzte folder. That this directory has even more
> subdirectories which look like maildir directories is also peculiar.
sorry i only posted the config for the Lokal folders.
here is it:
(nnimap "Karl"
                                              (nnimap-server-port "imap")
                                              (nnimap-user "xxxx-yyyy")
                                              (nnimap-stream starttls)
                                              (nnimap-inbox "INBOX")
                                              (nnimap-expunge 'on-exit)
                                              (nnimap-split-methods default)
                                              (nnimap-split-download-body t)
                                              (spam-process ((spam 
                                                (: spam-split "regex-spam" 
                                                (: spam-split)
                                                 (any ".*pinterest\\.com" 
                                                 (any ".*forum@papyrus\\.de" 
                                                 (any ".*instructables\\.com" 
".*abgeordnetenwatch\\.de" "Politik")
                                                 (any ".*change\\.org" 
                                                 (any ".*netzpolitik\\.org" 
".*info@newsletter\\.greenpeace\\.de" "Politik")
                                                 (any ".*@lubera\\.com" 
".*@sarastro-stauden\\.com" "Garten")
                                                 (any ".*@stauden-stade\\.de" 
".*@rosenpark-draeger\\.de" "Garten")
".*@pflanzenversand-gaissmayer\\.de" "Garten")
".*@garten-schlueter\\.de" "Garten")
".*@bohlken-baumschulen\\.de" "Garten")
                                                 (any ".*@staudenundrosen\\.de" 
                                                 (any ".*@groenloof\\.de" 
".*news@baumschule-horstmann\\.de" "Garten")
".*@davidaustinroses\\.com" "Garten")
".*vermietung@deutscheshaus-fl\\.de" "51Stufen")
                                                (any ".*sxxxx@hxxxxx\\.de" 
                                              ;;(nnimap-split-methods default)
                                              (get-new-mail t)
                                              (nnir-search-engine imap)

> Have you actually used B m to move email to 'karlderletzte/INBOX' or
> 'karlderletzte/Sent' folder? Or do you use it for other purposes than
> moving email manually into it? Perhaps splitting? Caching?
i use it for bot cases. reason is, that gnus could not split messages
from imap to nnmaildir. as far as i understood from different answers
here or from
no offlineimap or isync.

> It would make things a bit more clear if you could let us know if you
> configured this karlderletzte folder for some other use. Please have a
> look at your Emacs, gnus, notmuch, imap server if any, offlineimap/isync
> if any, and backup script if any, configs, and see whether any of them
> mentioned 'karlderletzte'.
> If you are using macOS or BSD, you can use grep from within Emacs like
> this to help you find those lines:
>   C-x d ~/path/to/your/config RET
>   M-x grep RET
>   grep -nHr --null -e 'karlderletzte' * RET
>   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ this part may have been prefilled for you except
>   for the 'r' argument for recursive search, just modify it to your need
> If you find anything perhaps it would help us figure out why those file
> names become malformed and cause nnir to fail.
Uups this will be a big list.
I will check that list, before i post anything here :-)

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