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Re: Expiring nnimap messages automatically

From: Nicolas Cavigneaux
Subject: Re: Expiring nnimap messages automatically
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2020 21:26:44 +0200
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

>>> Simply removing this entry should be enough to let your server parameter
>>> take effect. Delete that and see if it works.
>> I did remove it then "C-c C-c". I also hit "s" in groups buffer to save
>> my changes in .newsrc.eld.
>> I checked that the file was up-to-date and it is.
>> I started a new instance of Emacs / Gnus. The 'expiry-wait is really
>> gone when I check the group using "G p". But deleting / moving of
>> expired email is also gone with it… My expired messages now stay in the
>> group.
>> I could manually set 'expiry-wait on each group and it would do the job
>> but I'm pretty sure it's not the right way .
> *sigh*. What's supposed to happen is that this server's value for
> `nnmail-expiry-wait' is dynamically bound and consulted while the server
> is doing its business. If 'immediate is the value you want for
> everything, you can just setq that variable in your top-level gnus
> config. Otherwise you can do something like:

What variable are you talking about? nnmail-expiry-wait seems OK to me:

nnmail-expiry-wait is a variable defined in ‘nnmail.el’.
Its value is 'immediate
Original value was 7

> (setq gnus-parameters '(("^nnimap:.*" (expiry-wait 'immediate))))
> To set it just for imap groups.

It would be OK. I don't mind being explicit even if it's intended to
work without a workaround. So I tried:

gnus-parameters is a variable defined in ‘gnus.el’.
Its value is (("^nnimap:.*" (expiry-wait 'immediate)))
Original value was nil

But it doesn't expire anything in my imap groups.

> Otherwise I could try to fix the bug :)

That would be really kind of you but I don't want to bother you with
this. You already spent a lot of time helping me.

Moreover I'm maybe doing something wrong. It seems that I'm the only one
facing this "bug".

As I said I can set 'expiry-wait manually for each group. It's clearly
not the most effective way of achieving my goal but it would work.

By reading your advice I feel like I'm doing something wrong, it should work.
Nicolas Cavigneaux

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