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Re: nnimap workflow examples?

From: Garjola Dindi
Subject: Re: nnimap workflow examples?
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 16:46:59 +0200
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Jao, Byung-Hee and Eric,

Thanks for your ansers. I will have to investigate dovecot.

Since I have several IMAP accounts, some of which on the same server, I
have to figure out how to configure dovecot to do that.

Actually, offlineimap is great for that. Maybe I can try to configure it
to store the local copy as IMAP instead of maildir, which may be
analogous to the dovecot solution which has been suggested here.

Thanks for the hints!


On Mon 27-Apr-2020 at 18:19:29 +02, Eric Abrahamsen <> 
> Garjola Dindi <> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I have been using offlineimap [1] for years to get mail into gnus, but
>> since offlineimap stores messages in maildir format it has started to
>> become rather slow.
>> I have tried nnimap and it is much faster!
>> However, I would like to be able to store mail locally so I can read it
>> offline (I keep org-mode links in the notes I take while going through
>> my inbox).
>> I am looking for examples of configurations or workflows that I could use.
> In addition to what's been said, I would recommend a combination of a
> local dovecot server, accessed via localhost, and isync (the executable
> is called "mbsync") for syncing it to your remote server. If your remote
> server also happens to be dovecot, you can use dovecot's own dsync
> program to do the syncing.
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