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Re: Finding last messages in a thread

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: Finding last messages in a thread
Date: Fri, 01 May 2020 03:27:35 +0200
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Andrew Cohen <> writes:

> don't have time to fix it all up, blah, blah, can someone push this for
> me please:):


> @@ -8698,7 +8556,8 @@ gnus-summary-limit-include-thread
>  When called interactively, ID is the Message-ID of the current
>  article.  If thread-only is non-nil limit the summary buffer to
>  these articles."
> -  (interactive (list (mail-header-id (gnus-summary-article-header))))
> +  (interactive (list (mail-header-id (gnus-summary-article-header))
> +                    current-prefix-arg))
>    (let ((articles (gnus-articles-in-thread
>                    (gnus-id-to-thread (gnus-root-id id))))
>         ;;we REALLY want the whole thread---this prevents cut-threads

But I have some questions first (somewhat interdependent):

(1) I wasn't able to discover this.  Should there be a menu entry for
this function?

(2) It currently has the binding / T.  But it doesn't seem to be a pure
limit command, since it also shows additional articles.  Do we want it
like this?

(3) Will people call this more often with prefix arg?  If yes, should we
toggle the meaning of the prefix, or split the command into two separate

I'm not a Gnus guru, so I don't have a strong opinion myself, but I


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