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Re: Finding last messages in a thread

From: Andrew Cohen
Subject: Re: Finding last messages in a thread
Date: Fri, 01 May 2020 10:12:43 +0800
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>>>>> "MH" == Michael Heerdegen <> writes:


    MH> But I have some questions first (somewhat interdependent):

    MH> (1) I wasn't able to discover this.  Should there be a menu
    MH> entry for this function?


    MH> (2) It currently has the binding / T.  But it doesn't seem to be
    MH> a pure limit command, since it also shows additional articles.
    MH> Do we want it like this?

    MH> (3) Will people call this more often with prefix arg?  If yes,
    MH> should we toggle the meaning of the prefix, or split the command
    MH> into two separate commands?

This part of gnus is a (slight) mess. There are commands for limiting
that are of the form 'gnus-summary-limit-to-x which indeed limit the
summary buffer given some criteria. Then there are several commands of
the form 'gnus-summary-limit-include-x whose purpose is to ADD to the
currently limited display some things that were hidden (dormant,
expunged, etc). That is what 'gnus-summary-limit-include-threads is for
(since often articles in the thread are hidden in the summary display;
for example you might have ticked articles and unticked articles in a
thread and the unticked articles are hidden).

Clearly limiting to and displaying hidden articles are independent, so
there are four possible outcomes for limiting and displaying based on
criterion "X". Ideally all of this would be cleaned up with a common
syntax for these functions. This would take a bit of work, and I'm not
sure its worth just changing things for the one case of threads. But if
anyone is eager to tackle this it would help clean up the code
significantly, and shouldn't be too much work.

Having said that, if you wanted to skip the work of cleaning everything
up I would favor creating a separate command for
'gnus-summary-limit-to-thread and remove the prefix-arg and the
associated code path from 'gnus-summary-limit-include-thread and change
the bindings (and the one use case in 'gnus-summary-refer-thread).


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