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Re: Treat article with external script

From: Helmut Waitzmann Anti-Spam-Ticket . b . qc3c
Subject: Re: Treat article with external script
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2020 10:24:10 +0200
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Breanndán Ó Nualláin <>:

I'd like to be able to do article washing by running the article through an external python script. Is there an easy way to do this?

You could define a function: 

  (defun my-gnus-article-wash nil
    "Invoke the program '(car my-gnus-article-wash)' on the current buffer.
  If the variable 'my-gnus-article-wash' is a non-nil list of a
  program name and positional parameters, run it as a filter on
  the current buffer's contents."
    (if my-gnus-article-wash
        (function call-process-region)
        (car my-gnus-article-wash)
        (cdr my-gnus-article-wash))))

… and a variable: 

  (defvar my-gnus-article-wash nil
    "*invocation list to be executed on contents of the article buffer.
  If non-nil, is a list containing an executable file name and argv1
  ... argvn invocation arguments to execute on the contents of
  the article buffer and replacing it. One example would be
  '(\"iconv\" \"-t\" \"ASCII//TRANSLIT\")
  to transliterate every non-ASCII character to its corresponding
    ASCII approximate character.")

You might put the function and variable definitions in a file, for example "~/my_emacs_libs/gnus_wash_articles.el".  Byte compile that file.  Have it loaded from the emacs startup file: 

  (load "~/my_emacs_libs/gnus_wash_articles")

You might put the following assignments into the gnus startup file: 

Assign a value to the variable: 

    '("the_external_python_script" "and" "its" "parameters"))

Put the function into the gnus-part-display-hook: 

    (function my-gnus-article-wash))

That will invoke the python script with the given parameters on the article content. 

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