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Re: nnmaildir vs nnimap (dovecot@localhost)

From: 황병희
Subject: Re: nnmaildir vs nnimap (dovecot@localhost)
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 09:50:41 +0900
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Saša Janiška <> writes:

> Hello,
> at the moment I use nnmaildir back-end to access all my emails - several
> accounts + ~65k old archive. For fetching messages and feeding my
> ~/Maildir I use mbsync + notmuch as search engine.
> in #gnus I did ask about pro/cons in using nnimap back-end by having
> dovecot running locally on localhost, but would like to get some input
> here?
> Since I like notmuch's query capabilities, I wonder if I can keep using
> it along with nnimap/dovecot?
> Any other pro/cons?
> I was also considering to use getmail to fetch/sort/scan my email, but
> decided to stay with mbsync since I have a need to occasionally check
> email with my Android phone and will delegate sorting/scanning to the
> provider's server.
> Sincerely,
> Gour

[another comments]
I am only Gnus user. Unless it is heavy traffice like as LKML, nnimap is
not bad in Gnus.

Sincerely, Gnus fan Byung-Hee

^고맙습니다 _救濟蒼生_ 감사합니다_^))//

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