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Re: Gnus limit: opening huge group

From: Kevin Shell
Subject: Re: Gnus limit: opening huge group
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 10:06:51 +0800

On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 10:37:47AM -0800, Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
> Kevin Shell <> writes:
> > Hello Gnus users.
> >
> > When I try to open very huge newsgroup with
> > C-u <Enter>
> > and request fetching all the news messages
> > Gnus behaves badly,
> > the CPU makes very loud noise and Gnus can't open the group.
> > The Gnus's fetching speed compares with neomutt is relatively slow,
> > is the probelm with Emacs lisp VS C?
> > Noemutt can open huge group with header cache,
> > but Gnus just can't open huge group.
> Is this an nntp server, or some other backend?
It's nntp backend.

>You mention newsgroups,
> which sounds like nntp, but also neomutt, which sounds like mail.
neomutt also supports nntp.

>Not that I'm going to have much of a solution for you, but I do feel like
> nntp handles large groups without too much trouble. Even if it takes a
> while, it shouldn't spin up your fans.
Gnus takes very long time to open,
often eventually can't open huge group.
Reguarding huge group,
Emacs lisp VS C does have some performance impact.

>If it's maildir, Gnus does
> currently have trouble with large message stores, mostly because it is
> building the header cache and that is very slow/is done inefficiently/is
> plagued by gremlins.

It's not maildir this time.
It's seems you remembered
I have asked a question about Maildir/Maildir++. :-)

> Someoneā„¢ will get around to fixing that eventually, but for the time
> being it is slow.
That's great!
Thank you for all the hard work improving Gnus.


An optimist is a guy that has never had much experience.
                -- Don Marquis

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