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Re: nnimap-split-download-body removed?

From: Bodertz
Subject: Re: nnimap-split-download-body removed?
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2020 20:04:01 -0700
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> The problem with checking the headers or the message size before
> downloading the body is that you're then issuing one FETCH to get all
> the messages without their bodies, and then issuing another to get the
> bodies you want, likely just the same list as before.

It may not be worth doing, but I challenge your assumption that they
would be the same list.  For my case at least, the list of messages
which I want split based on the body is a small subset of the list of
new messages I receive.  When I imagine other uses of splitting based on
the body, they are only cases where splitting on other matches such as
from or subject wasn't enough, and that would still be a small subset of
new messages.  Most messages can be split with just the headers.

> That seems like it would end up being pretty inefficient, and I wouldn't
> be surprised if it turned out that we had to issue one FETCH per message
> we wanted the body for. I'll admit I haven't looked at this part of the
> code closely, but...

Since `nnimap-fetch-inbox' accepts a list of articles, I don't see why
we couldn't feed the list of new articles to it with either "[HEADER]"
or "[1]" based on the result of `(nnimap-ver4-p)', and then build a new
list of articles which meet some criteria and send that to
`nnimap-fetch-inbox' with "[]".  But I don't actually understand the
code, so I'm sure things are more complicated than that.

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