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Re: Reply to attached message

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: Reply to attached message
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 14:51:04 -0700
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Christoph Groth <> writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
>> Christoph Groth <> writes:
>> > I wonder if there is a way in Gnus to reply to a message that has
>> > been forwarded as a MIME attachment.
>> How does the message appear in the Gnus message? What happens when you
>> hit "K v" (gnus-article-view-part) on it?
> It appears inline with colored headers, so Gnus does recognize it as
> a message.  But I cannot find a convenient way to open the attached
> message in a separate message buffer so that message commands would work
> on it.

Huh, so it inlines by default. What's the MIME type on the attachment?

Since people can already "K i" to explicitly inline, it seems like it
would make sense to have "K v" put the message in a separate buffer in

> Here is one way that does work, but it is a bit clumsy:
> (1) Save the attachment to a file.
> (2) Create a group from that file (G f).
> (3) Open that group and reply to the message.

Yes, that was going to be my original suggestion, but it's not a great
solution and I figured you'd already done that!

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