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Re: fcc with nnml mail spool

From: Adam Sjøgren
Subject: Re: fcc with nnml mail spool
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 23:09:07 +0200
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Roland writes:

> How can one achieve the same thing with the nnml mail spool?

I use the archiving functionality in Gnus for this. It adds a
(Gnus-specific) header to news articles like this:

  Gcc: nnml+archive:news-2021

For email I have configured it to add this:

  Gcc: nnml+archive:news-2021

I have set gnus-message-archive-method in .gnus to this:

  '(nnml "archive"
     (nnml-directory "~/Mail/archive")
     (nnml-active-file "~/Mail/archive/active")
     (nnml-get-new-mail nil)
     (gnus-search-engine gnus-search-notmuch)
     (nnml-inhibit-expiry t))

and then I have:

  (setq gnus-message-archive-group
        '((if (message-news-p)
              (concat "news-" (format-time-string "%Y"))
            (concat "mail-" (format-time-string "%Y")))))

which does the {news,mail}-{year} part. 

I also set gnus-gcc-mark-as-read to t, because I want the archived
messages to be marked as read automatically.

(I guess you could just set your archive method to be your regular
nnml-method - I'm not sure why I split them back in ancient times.)

I hope this helps!

  Best regards,


 'It's pulled, and it's fine, but there's clearly a         Adam Sjøgren
  balance between "octopus merges are fine" and
  "Christ, that's not an octopus, that's a Cthulhu

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