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Re: fcc with nnml mail spool

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: fcc with nnml mail spool
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 20:43:31 -0500
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On Sun, Jul 25 2021, Adam Sjøgren via info-gnus-english wrote:
> Adam Sjøgren writes:
>> (I guess you could just set your archive method to be your regular
>> nnml-method - I'm not sure why I split them back in ancient times.)
> I know why now - I followed the example in the manual almost to the
> letter, only changing nnfolder to nnml:
>  ·

Thank you, that's very useful!  I am new to the world of Gnus, which
also means that I need to learn where to look for what I want!

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