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Re: fake-news in Gnus?

From: Wayne Harris
Subject: Re: fake-news in Gnus?
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 18:47:07 -0300

Richmond <> writes:

> Wayne Harris via info-gnus-english wrote:
>> Emanuel Berg via info-gnus-english <> writes:
>>> Wayne Harris via info-gnus-english wrote:
>>>>>>>     <incal> o/ is there support in Gnus for fake news? a fake
>>>>>>>             news client if you will. fake client LOL. ? TIA
>>>>>> I don't get it. :-)
>>>>> Check out Alex Jones (Prison PLanet and Infowars)
>>>> I ended up on what seems to be Prison Planet website.  I searched for
>>>> "fake news" and I got something involving trump, but the video duration
>>>> was almost 3 hours.
>>>> I still don't get it. :-)
>>> Fake news is when you post news in a style and layout and
>>> everything so it looks and reads like news, but the actual
>>> news article is fabricated with a political agenda and facts
>>> may not be true, it can be to make a specific person look bad
>>> but it can also be with the purpose to make media look bad, to
>>> have people confused so they loose faith in media and
>>> politicians and the whole society, in general.
>> Lol.  I do know the meaning of ``fake news''.  What I don't know is the
>> apparent joke written by <incal>, which I suppose is you, and Gnus.  And
>> couldn't get at all the connection with Alex Jones. :-) I must be really
>> slow.
> Fake Gnus are like stuffed donkeys.

<sarcasm>Oh, lol, that helps a lot!</sarcasm> :-)

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