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Generate and insert Face header from jpg file

From: Satoshi Yoshida
Subject: Generate and insert Face header from jpg file
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2022 11:40:08 +0900
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I use Gnus v5.13
I read
and set in .gnus.el

(setq message-required-headers
      (nconc message-required-headers
             (list '(Face . (lambda ()
                              (gnus-face-from-file "~/face.jpg"))))))

But I couldn't generate and insert Face header at writing a mail.

I think there is no problem about ~/face.jpg (48x48 pixels, 13.2kB).
When I pasted Face header generated by shell script with face.jpg
(I needed to rewrite "mimencode" to "mmencode" of FreeBSD package)

and send a mail myself, I could see Face image correctly.

Does anyone know the solutions?

Satoshi Yoshida

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