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Re: Strip signature on reply without standard separator

From: Satoshi Yoshida
Subject: Re: Strip signature on reply without standard separator
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2022 17:34:35 +0900
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:

> That's probably not the way to do it, I think that, i.e.
> `gnus-signature-separator', should be used only for the
> separator(s) per se and not in order to do other stuff like
> that, since processing is likely to be based on that and what
> you don't want to see last maybe appears in the middle of the
> mail and other such unpredicted (?) situations ...

Hard to say, I want to read whole message (100%) in article buffer.
Just on reply, I want to strip signature without "-- ".

> That kind of stuff you want can be done tho for sure, did you
> check out this chapter:
>   (info "(gnus) Article Washing")
> Have a look at `article-translate-strings',
> `gnus-article-strip-multiple-blank-lines', and
> `gnus-article-prepare-hook' ...

I read info and found `gnus-article-strip-multiple-blank-lines'
and `gnus-article-prepare-hook'.
Additionally, `article-translate-strings' in

Though my understanding is 50%, are these things useful for
washing "sent from my iPhone" (for example) automatically
in article buffer?

> HTH!

Thanks for your assistance.

Satoshi Yoshida

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