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Re: Custom tags/keywords/labels

From: James Thomas
Subject: Re: Custom tags/keywords/labels
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2022 11:50:46 +0530
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Thomas Ieong wrote:

> Also I saw that there was gnus-registry-marks-* and while it does allow
> to store important/todo/custom tags... locally it does not seems to push
> them to the remote server(imap) and as a result my webmail and
> Thunderbird can't see the tags.

You'll have to write custom code because nnimap-request-set-mark (see
also nnchoke-request-set-mark in the manual) currently uses a hardcoded
list of marks. And if you want to hitch it to the normal update (rather
than a custom asynchronous command) you'll probably have to modify


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