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GNUstep Weekly Update

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: GNUstep Weekly Update
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 07:24:50 -0600

Weeks ending 20 May 2001

gnustep-base (Foundation)

Some tidying up and portability fixes have been made, some warning 
messages have been made more informative.
Trying to initialise a date from an illegal string value now returns 
a nil object rather than raising an exception.
Some path manipulation methods of NSString have been modified to 
behave strictly as the MacOS-X documentation
NSInvocation has been extended to permit sending of messages to 
'super' ... an obscure improvement only relevant
to people writing bridges from other languages to Objective-C.  It 
allows you to subclass an ObjectiveC class from
the other language.

gnustep-db (Database library)

Various makefile changes have been made to get the adaptors for some 
databases to build cleanly.
These are the interfaces to MySL, Postgres, Sybase, SQLServer, and 

gnustep-make (Makefiles package)

A few minor fixes have been made

GNUstep-Guile (Guile language interface)

Updated to handle the NSProxy class,and in particular to permit 
effective subclassing
of Objective-C classes from withing Guile ... Guile methods that 
override existing Objective-C
methods can now call those pre-existing methods.

tests (Regression testing package)

NSString path manipulation tests were added ... leading to some work 
to make a few methods
in the base library conform to the MacOS-X documentation.
NSProxy tests added - to test forwarding of messags to subclasses of 
a proxy.

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