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ANNOUNCE: LaunchPad 1.0.1 Release

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: ANNOUNCE: LaunchPad 1.0.1 Release
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 08:44:14 -0600

ANNOUNCE: GNUstep LaunchPad Version 1.0.1 Released

GNUstep Launchpad 1.0.1 is a  minor
update to version 1.0.0. Improvements include a change in the
backend directory layout to support GUI backend bundles and some
bug fixes to work on newer kernels and BSD machines. See the NEWS file
in individual libraries for a better list of changes.

GNUstep LaunchPad is a collection of libraries for
creating non-graphical tools and applications using an API based on
OpenStep and the MacOS X API.  As with its godfather, the OpenStep
system developed by NeXT, developers have noted that GNUstep allows
faster development time and more flexibility than with other common
application development libraries.

GNUstep Launchpad consists of the following packages:

GNUstep Make - A collection of make scripts that make configuration,
building and packaging of projects almost trivial.

GNUstep Base - A collection of Objective-C classes that provide all
the fundamental objects required in most applications, such as
dictionaries, unicode strings, distributed objects, timers, and more.

GNUstep Guile - A package that allows one to use the Guile scripting
language within GNUstep projects

JIGS - An interface to Java, that allows one to use GNUstep objects in
Java code and Java objects in GNUstep code.

This entire suite of tools and libraries, collectively called GNUstep
LaunchPad should allow developers to rapidly develop cross-platform
applications using a set of object-oriented tools and a well developed
API. Developers should be able to port applications from the
well-known MacOS X development system to GNUstep with almost no
changes in code. These packages have been developed over a number of
years and are considered quite stable and useful on a number of
platforms including GNU/Linux (ix86 and ppc), many BSD systems, and
Solaris. It may be useful, but somewhat unstable, on other platforms,
including Windows. 

The source as well as rpms are (or soon will be) available at the
GNUstep ftp site ( See the GNUstep
website (, the Download and Documentation
sections, for additional information.

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