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ANN: MusicBox 0.2.4

From: Yen-Ju Chen
Subject: ANN: MusicBox 0.2.4
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 23:31:30 -0400

 I would like to annouse the release of MusicBox 0.2.4.
 The homepage is at
 It use SDL and SDL_sound as sound system.
 It can play/pause/seek/etc. any audio format as long as SDL_sound support.
 It can also play audio CD and get CD information from freedb.
 Right now, four different kinds of sources are supported:
 a flat directory (called library), CD-ROM,
 usual directory browser, and play list.
 Drag & drop and in-place editing of play list is also supported.
 And more features ...

 This release is considered as ALPHA release.
 Don't rely on for serious usage.
 It will write a file ~/.MusicBox to store the play list.
It will install all the bundles into user's home directory (~/GNUstep/Library/MusicBox). The main application supposed to be installed in GNUstep/Local/Application.
 Maybe you need to set the preferences for the first time.

 Any comment and suggestion is extremely welcome.
 I plan to do the bug fix and minor improvement according to the feedback
 until 0.3.0, then try to implement the encoding function.

 Thank Nicolas Roard for the interface design.
 And thanks the authors of GNUMail and Affiche as the excellent references.

 Have fun


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