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Announce: GSCUPS-0.0.1

From: Chad Hardin
Subject: Announce: GSCUPS-0.0.1
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 21:38:52 -1000

After a couple weeks of development, I'm glad to announce the
release of GSCUPS-0.0.1.

GSCUPS is a free (LGPL), wrapper around the CUPS printing system
libraries.  Every CUPS API feature has been turned into a Foundation
and AppKit dependent library.  Everything from the lowest level CUPS
things (such as interacting with the rasterizer), to the highest
level can be accessed with the elegance of OpenStep objects.  With
GSCUPS, you can get information on all the configured printers,
browse remote printers (not yet implemented), change printer
configurations, discover PPD information, and other stuff I can't
think of right now.

As far as this endeavor goes, the next step will be to create
a CUPS configuration utility.  It is also my hope that this
library will be implemented into GNUstep itself to serve as
it's principle printing system in UNIX type machines.

Since the GNUstep targets are UNIX and MS Windows, perhaps some
type of backend implementation can be used to support the CUPS &
Windows printing archs. (I'm talking the NSPrint* classes). I am thinking
that the current implementation can be kept as well, to support non-CUPS
UNIX machines.

In order to compile GSUPS, you need to get and install CUPS.
If you are using a package based OS (like Debian) make sure
you install all of the cups components (like the rasterizer stuff)

You can get the source code to GSCUPS-0.0.1 at:



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