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[ANN]: GNU Smalltalk-ObjC Bridge

From: Alex Perez
Subject: [ANN]: GNU Smalltalk-ObjC Bridge
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 13:01:29 -0800
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GNU Smalltalk <-> GNU Objective C runtime bridge and STM file type

Released under the GNU GPL on Feb. 20, 2005, you can download it from

What gstobjc provides:
  Mostly transparent messaging across Smalltalk objects and
  Objective-C objects. File type '.stm' which is an exact mix
  of Objective-C and Smalltalk source in one file, see provided
  'SDL.stm' for an example of this. Emacs mode provided in
  'stm-mode.el', uses multi-mode.el (provided). See and for processing.

gstobjc's current limitations:
  Class names and selector names need to be defined on the
  ompiled ObjC side, for type information and lookup. (usually
  ObjC messaging a Smalltalk object). See #method in SDL.stm.

  Not fully tested class-to-class message sending.

gstobjc's dependencies:
  GCC with Objective C runtime (libobjc), GNU Smalltalk 2.1.7+

How to use gstobjc:
  Include STObject.m and Smalltalk.m with your compiled project,
  providing the .st files upon execution. See example-main.m for
  initialising GNU Smalltalk with the ObjC binding.

Version: 1.2

Known Issues:
  Sending messages from Smalltalk to ObjC objects could
  definately be optimised. Not every single type @encoding is
  supported, specifically structs.


Lyndon Tremblay (address@hidden, is the author of gstobjc

This message was sent on behalf of Lyndon Tremblay by Alex Perez (aperez @ student dawt santarosa dawt eee dee uuu)

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