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From: Matthias Hengartner
Subject: ANN:
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 16:33:24 +0200

railMLeditor is a graphical editor for railML infrastructure data.

What is railML(R)?
railML (Railway markup language) is an XML format for data exchange of
railway applications which has been developed by several partners (railway
companies, software and consulting firms, academic institutions) located in
several countries. For more information about railML, please visit

railMLeditor was originally written on OpenStep for Windows. In early 2005,
I made first steps in porting to GNUstep, and today, we can say that most of
the functionalities work also on GNUstep.

On, you can see some
screenshots of the railMLeditor (on OpenStep and GNUstep).

Feel free to ask me about the railMLeditor. I can also send the source code,
if you wish to test it :-)

Best regards,
Matthias Hengartner

Matthias Hengartner
IVT ETH Z├╝rich
++ 41 44 633 68 16

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