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Re: announcing SOGo (Inverse edition)

From: Wolfgang Sourdeau
Subject: Re: announcing SOGo (Inverse edition)
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 10:57:03 -0400
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I forgot to mention that SOGo works under GNUstep and that it doesn't need libFoundation :)

Based on the excellent work that already existed, we created an
"Inverse" branch for the project. Our goal is to mimic the look and
the functionality of the Mozilla application suite (Thunderbird /
Lightning / Sunbird) in order to have a perfect integration between
both. In pursuing that goal, we contributed to the project by adding,
among many other things:

- Fresh AJAX-based user interface which mimics the Thunderbird /
Lighthing / Sunbird look and feel
- Calendar and address book sharing capabilities using WebDAV ACLs
- Tasks support and vCard storage support for contacts
- Multiple address books and LDAP-based address books
- CalDAV support

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