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ANN: GWorkspace 0.8.8

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: ANN: GWorkspace 0.8.8
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 01:40:47 +0200
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I'm pleased to annouce that GWorkspace version 0.8.8  is now available.
Many thanks to all those who helped with testing or contributed with patches.

What is GWorkspace?

GWorkspace is a workspace manager for GNUstep.

Changes in version 0.8.8

* the GWMetadata subproject is now controlled by a configure option. This means 
that sqlite is no longer a hard dependency if live folders and search 
functionality is not desired. It also means that if selected, it will be really 
configured, built and installed (up to now it was manual).

* portability issues fixed (SPARC crashes, HURD constants)
* builds on Windows (MinGW)
* cleanups and updates in the build system
* extensive warning fixing and code cleanup (like header imports)
* use standard classes and functions (NSProgressIndicator, info panel...)
* removal of private GNUstep.h copies
* improved terminal services interface and interaction
* various crash fixes
* improvements with the detection of optional PDFkit for the PDF contents inspector

Where can you get it? How can you compile it?

You can download sources from <>
(download will be available soon)

The official homepage of the project is:

Build Note: As a result of a more strict and correct build system, on some platforms, where gworkspace could compile even without sqlite (like windows), it is now strictly required.

--- Riccardo Mottola

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