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ANN: GNUstep GUI Backend 0.29.0

From: Ivan Vučica
Subject: ANN: GNUstep GUI Backend 0.29.0
Date: Wed, 5 May 2021 22:08:26 +0100
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MD5 hashes:
2180291733f000eec5c8e61e49e8a54d  gnustep-back-0.29.0.tar.gz
ab378f01a92d636e3ef2674677b5af4e  gnustep-back-0.29.0.tar.gz.sig

1 Announcement

This is version 0.29.0 of the GNUstep GUI Backend ('gnustep-back').

1.1 What is the GNUstep GUI Backend?

It is a back-end component for the GNUstep GUI Library.  The
implementation of the GNUstep GUI Library is designed in two parts.  The
first part is the front-end component which is independent of platform
and display system.  This front-end is combined with a back-end
component which handles all of the display system dependent such as
specific calls to the X Window System.  This design allows the GNUstep
applications to have the "look and feel" of the underlying display
system without any changes to the application, and the library can be
easily ported to other display systems.

   The GNUstep GUI Backend is for platforms using the X-Window System or
Window's Systems.  It works via a DPS emulation engine to emulate the
DPS functions required by the front-end system.

1.2 Noteworthy changes in version '0.29.0'

The release includes an alpha version of the wayland backend and a few
bug fixes.

   * Alpha version of the wayland backend.
   * Improved focus handling for WindowMaker interaction.
   * Speed up for font pattern resolving.
   * Improved appicon behavior under WindowMaker.
   * Prevent appicon flickering on WindowMaker at application start.
   * On Windows, consistently use 'GetWindowLongPtr' and
     'SetWindowLongPtr' in place of 'GetWindowLong' and 'SetWindowLong'
     for win32 and cairo for various win64 fixes.

1.3 Where can you get it? How can you compile it?

The gnustep-back-0.29.0.tar.gz distribution file has been placed at

   It is accompanied by gnustep-back-0.29.0.tar.gz.sig, a PGP signature
which you can validate by putting both files in the same directory and

     gpg --verify gnustep-back-0.29.0.tar.gz.sig

   Signature has been created using the key with the following

     83AA E47C E829 A414 6EF8  3420 CA86 8D4C 9914 9679

   Read the INSTALL file or the GNUstep-HOWTO for installation

1.4 Where do I send bug reports?

Please log bug reports on the GNUstep project page
<> or send bug reports to

1.5 Obtaining GNUstep Software

Check out the GNUstep web site.  (<>) and the GNU
web site.  (<>)

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