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ANN: New version of PikoPixel, pixel-art editor

From: Josh Freeman
Subject: ANN: New version of PikoPixel, pixel-art editor
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2023 01:59:25 -0500

   PikoPixel is a free, open-source (AGPLv3*) pixel-art editor for Mac OS X & 

   Version 1.0 BETA10a has been released, fixing a couple issues on GNUstep:
- Fixed broken popup-button menus (affected gnustep-gui 0.29+)
- Fixed window titlebar initially placed behind desktop menubar (affected 
LXDE/LXQt desktops)

   The 1.0 BETA10a source archive can be downloaded at the homepage above, or 
by using this direct link:

   Please send questions, comments, or issues to pikopixel (at) twilightedge 
(dot) com.



* AGPL version 3, or approved later versions

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