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GNUstep Desktop

From: Ondrej Florian
Subject: GNUstep Desktop
Date: Sun, 21 May 2023 00:38:21 +0000
User-agent: GNUMail (Version 1.4.0)

Hi everyone,

I'd like to announce GNUstep Desktop.

I have been working on it for more than a year now and it is finally complete enough to be my main desktop environment.
It is perfect for my Raspberry PI! :-)

GSDE contains many GNUstep apps and frameworks in one place.
Enhanced, fixed, configured and integrated so that everything works together seamlessly.

Notable enhancements:
- StepTalk - used for system scripting, fixes and enhancements to the API - TextEdit - scriptable + enhancements for attachment and link panels - HelpViewer - uses filters to display man, info and gsdoc pages
- WrapperFactory - greatly enhanced, support for filters and services
- Terminal - a lot of improvements, refactored into Kit, scriptable - Preferences - taken from NEXTSPACE + additional settings for timezone, keys, themes
- WindowMaker    - make tweaks and fixes to fit with GNUstep

New applications:
- WebBrowser       - Google Chrome with GNUstep UI, scriptable
- VimGS - Vim with GNUstep UI (using TerminalKit), scriptable
- Player                  - VLC with GNUstep UI, scriptable
- DocViewer - PDF and HTML document viewer, filters for additional formats (e.g. markdown), scriptable
- ImageViewer      - filter for additional formats, scriptable
- RemoteView       - VNCViewer
- Librarian - document indexing - similar to NeXT's Digital Librarian
- ScreenShot        - screenshot service

Other apps:
Gorm and ProjectCenter, GWorkspace, GNUMail

Other utilities:
Dictionary, Affiche, FTP, TalkSoup, EdenMath, Addresses
ForManager, DefaultsManager, Console, HtopGS, OpenUp,
Process monitor, Volume and Battery controls.

...and more....



Spending weeks and months deep in GNUstep and all those apps created with it,
made me really appreciate all the amazing work that went into it.

I hope that GNUstep Desktop will help to renew the interest in GNUstep as desktop.


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