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Re: [mtools] mtools support for drvspace files

From: Alain Knaff
Subject: Re: [mtools] mtools support for drvspace files
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 21:14:22 +0100
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On Saturday 16 November 2002 01:46, David Dyck wrote:
> I have some compressed files
>     DRVSPACE.000
>     DRVSPACE.001
> and their appropriate DRVSPACE.INI file.
> Is there a way to access the contents of the compressed
> volumes using mtools.  I'd like to read them from
> v2.4 kernels, but I guess that it has been suggested
> in the linux-kernel mailing list that support for
> reading these files should be in mtools.
> I did look at dmsdos, but it seems to support
> the 2.2 kernels, not 2.4.
> thsfs doesn't compile with the 2.4 kernel either.
> Any other ideas are appreciated.
>  David
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Unfortunately, DRVSPACE files are not plain FAT (or VFAT) images, but
they are compressed with a proprietary algorithm. Hence no support for
it in mtools.

However, there seems to be an *experimental* support for 2.3.x and 2.4
on Dmsdos' website:

If I'll find time (not anytime soon, probably...) I might use their
source code to figure out the algo and integrate it into mtools. This
looks like a major undertaking and would be 3.9.10 or 4.0 matter, if
at all.



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