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Re: [mtools] Some improvements I would like to see in mtools.

From: Fredrik Stax{ng
Subject: Re: [mtools] Some improvements I would like to see in mtools.
Date: 03 Nov 2002 10:31:56 +0100
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Alain Knaff <address@hidden> writes:

>First, sorry for the slow reply. After a disk crash last spring, I
>have been rather busy, and am only now getting around to my backlogged
>On Thursday 10 October 2002 08:25, Fredrik Stax{ng wrote:
>> I have been using mtools for a while, mainly to create and examine
>> boot floppy images for dosemu and vmware. I have found that the
>> following changes would make it much easier to use mtools for
>> this purpose:
>> 1. An option to specify image file name on the command line. I have
>>    implemented this.
>As this part of your patch was not included in your e-mails, 

I read this my mail, including this mailing list almost every day. 
You just have to ask, and I'll try sending it again. I have attached
the old patch to this mail. If there still is a problem, you can
get it from

>I just
>implemented this independantly in mtools-3.9.8-20021102:

Thanks. Your code is probably better than mine anyway.

>> 2. A way to disable vfat entries. The MTOOLS_NO_VFAT does not seem
>>    to work correctly.
>What exactly is missing?

I don't remember exactly. I want mcopy io.sys a: not to generate 
any vfat entries.

>> 4. It would be good if the FreeDOS boot sector could be built into
>>    mformat, assuming that it can boot the msdos files also.
>Could anybody mail me an image of this boot sector? Then I'll use this
>as the default boot sector program, rather than the current program,
>which just transfers control over to the hard disks MBR.

I'll do that.

>Unfortunately, it seemed as if some parts of it were missing...

As you probably already know, I have done some further changes, but I'll
have to get back to you on those.

Fredrik Stax\"ang | rot13: address@hidden

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