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[mtools] floppyd lock file problem - /tmp/-+dev-+floppy-+1

From: Nathan Kinkade
Subject: [mtools] floppyd lock file problem - /tmp/-+dev-+floppy-+1
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:55:32 -0600
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I'm having some difficulties using floppyd with mtools.  I'm not sure
if this is the correct place to post.  If not, would someone be able to
point me in the right direction?

In a seemingly random fashion, floppyd leaves behind some sort of lock
file called, in my case, '-+dev-+floppy-+1'.  From time to time a user
will be unable to access the floppy - getting an access denied error.
If I go to a local console and delete the lock file the problem is
temporarily resolved, but will usually come back shortly, as if floppyd
is somehow crashing and restarting itself without cleaning up the lock
file in /tmp.

Does anyone have any ideas on this or similar experieces?

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