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Re: [mtools] specfile change for redhat9

From: Alain Knaff
Subject: Re: [mtools] specfile change for redhat9
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 17:38:53 +0100
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On Tuesday 09 November 2004 16:16, Joachim Geiger wrote:
> Hi to who ever is active.
> I made a rpm-package of mtools-3.9.9 for my redhat9 system using the
> sources, the patch and the spec-file. However, I had to adjust the line
> which strips the executables to make the spec file work properly on
> my system from
> strip %{_bindir}/mtools %{_bindir}/mkmanifest %{_bindir}/floppyd
> to include the buildroot-directory in the path to
> strip %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/mtools %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/mkmanifest
> %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/floppyd
> Hope this helps.
> Regards,
> Joachim

These changes (plus another one to clean the build directory when
done) are now in today's patch

Thanks for the suggestions,


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