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[mtools] mtools image file support

From: Charles Stevens
Subject: [mtools] mtools image file support
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 22:12:09 -0700 (PDT)

    I just downloaded mtools 3.9.10. I was wanting to add command line image file support. But I was too late. It already has it!! Great work!
    I still would like a litte more. I thought that if you specify an image on the command line, it should be the default source/target. So this would work
mdir -i ufn
-- or --
mcopy -i ufn *.c
instead of giving an error  about not being able to access /dev/fd0 (a:)
I have already prototyped this idea using the mp->mcwd parameter, but this seems like a little too much of a hack. I am willing to code this up and submit a patch against 3.9.10. But I thought someone on the list (like David or Alan) might want to provide some direction on where to make such a change. (Or maybe suggest that I am overlooking something by wanting this feature).
My thought is to add another flag to the MainParam_t struct and test it somewhere in mainloop.c when the default drive gets initialized.

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