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[Mtools] FreeBSD Flash unable to read boot sector

From: Peter Vereshagin
Subject: [Mtools] FreeBSD Flash unable to read boot sector
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 18:33:20 +0500


Trying to pick Olympus WS-300M digital voice recorder into my FreeBSD-5.4.

Did everything but see no reason why mtools tells this:
$ mdir c:
plain_io: Invalid argument
init C: could not read boot sector
Cannot initialize 'C:'

I can 'less' the volume and mount as well but not mtool it.
Ready to trace this in but the C code seem complex to me.
Will anybody suggest? Feel it's just arounf the corner.

This is the config:
drive a: file="/dev/fd0"
drive b: file="/dev/da0"
drive c: file="/dev/da0s1"

Guess it is something like erroneous block size in fread() while reading the 
boot sector, but who knows...


73! Peter

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