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Re: [Mtools] additional about voice recorder

From: Peter Vereshagin
Subject: Re: [Mtools] additional about voice recorder
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 15:59:09 +0500

God love is hard to find. You got lucky, Peter!
2007/06/27 05:26:02 +1000 Peter Jeremy <address@hidden> => To Peter Vereshagin :
PJ> >Sorry about writing again about  last problem with boot sector reading.
PJ> >What I see is the device block ( or sector )  size is somewhy fixed with 
PJ> I had a similar problem with a MP3 player with 2KB sectors on FreeBSD
PJ> and a fix was put into mtools-3.9.10-20060525.diff.gz - which is part
PJ> of mtools-3.9.10_1
PJ> What version of mtools are you using?  Did you build it yourself or
PJ> are you using ports/emulators/mtools?

Feel sad to mess without stack traces but tried with 3.9.10_1 from cvsweb's port tarball and with tar zxf mtools-3.9.11.tar.gz && 
cd mtools-3.9.11 && ./configure  && make && make install
and those both claim the same 'read boot sector'.
I'm sure have no mistake of having same version  cause 'man mtools' shows 3.9.11

73! Peter

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